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Werewords, The Quacks and Wacky Wacky West

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

It's the first Saturday of the month, and yes, we made it to the GradPad for the first time in ages. First off was Werewords with 5 and then 6 players. Paul was the Mayor and knew the magic/secret word that would scare the werewolf away. The knowledge off the word had driven Paul crazy though, so the Villagers had to establish what the word was and the werewolf needs to try and delay/steer away from the right answer. The APP talks you through it all and the Mayor has tokens (yes/no and a few special ones) and after 4 minutes the answer must be given. Great short party game my Ted Alspach possibly best know for Suburbia some years ago. Anyway, we than brew some potions in the Quacks of Quedlinburg with its brand new Herb Witches expansion using Pauls home 3D printed dobbers. The by now classic Azul, Concordia Salsa and the very very classic terribly translated Wacky Wacky West followed.

You may know the latter one by its German name Drunten & Drueber, and this tile laying theme is to destroy buildings. Most buildings actually get destroyed but the toilets get a vote, which makes perfect sense because surely toilets are more important then the townhall. This was one of Klaus Teubers first games and a winner of the Spiel des Jahres in 1991, a few years before Klaus changed the world of boardgames forever with the famous Catan.

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