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WAGS 22 May 2019 (Star Date 96988)

A quiet afternoon for the first blog entry - I blame the #Cambridge #Beerfestival which had it's opening session today. Michael and Chris turned up at my place and we played A Column of Fire (released in 2017) (based on Ken Follet's book) followed by Imperial Settlers (released in 2014). In A Column of Fire you face the tough decision to put a 6 dice on a card (and get stuff for the next 6 rounds) but then not being able to use that dice for the next 6 rounds. There are only 5 dice to play with effectively, so it is possible to run out of dice (and therefore actions) but having lots of stuff (which you cannot use because you do not have actions)....It was a very close ending, with myself pipping Chris by a single point and Michael by 2 (or was it 3)?

A Column of Fire deserves better then it's 6.6 #BoardGameGeek rating.

Imperial settlers is essentially an engine building card game, I got dealt the #Egyptians (and decided to use the feminine side as the graphics reminded me of #Asterix and #Cleopatra). I got to built "Slaves" early on which gave me an extra VP each time I scored 2VP's or more from any other card. I pipped Michael to first spot by a single point.

When you win both games, does that make you a bad host?

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