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Pillars of the Earth - 1 point difference between player 1 and 4

Interesting worker placement game, now over 10 years old - we played with the 5 player expansion.

Pillars of the Earth
Pillars of the Earth - last round, just before the scoring.

So each round you use your 12 workers, used to get raw materials, money (1 money each) or points (1 point for each 3 workers, if you play it right. Only the expansion has this option, the standard game doesn't). In the 2nd phase your master builders are pulled out of the bag and you decide to place these on the board - and have to pay money for doing so. The first master builder cost 7, the 2nd one six etc. Every builder after the 6th is free to place. You use your master builder to get cards, points, buy/sell resources, be starting player next turn, get 2 points, get 1 point, avoid tax, and get a metal and avoid tax.

So it is roughly possible to get 3 points with your workers (plus 3 money) and 3 points with your master builders, on the assumption that other players let you have the right spaces. So 6 points per round, over 6 rounds means you should be able to get 36 points.

So how was it possible for 4 out of 5 players to score 44/45 points? Obviously we are very clever.

I wonder what we'll be playing on Friday.......

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