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Hazienda or Hacienda?

Ah, Friday nights, what to do. Off to the pub, maybe a gig in London? No nothing like that - games at home. I forgot to count but there where 10 of us I believe (correct me if I am wrong) so we had 2 tables. We played Hazienda/Hacienda (first time ever for both myself and Tim and I did terrible. But at least I have an understanding of the scoring and I hope to do better next time. It is the type of game I like I think. Tim did very well especially and was pipped by just 1 point by Ray. Bausack (how obscure is that?) was also played - we got the table cloth out to make the game less noisy. I forgot what was played in the other room before they got down to playing Bearpark, but Istanbul was also played (which Ray won - again!). Better luck tomorrow!

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