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Eggs under my chin, eggs in my neck

About 16-20 of us were fed and watered at Sami and Sharons annual games day. Loads and loads of games were played. Party games like Eiertanz (Dancing eggs) is a classic in my humble opinion. Great fun 10 minute game , where you stick eggs (no, not real ones you silly reader, but rubber or wooden ones) under your chin, between your knees, under your armpit shout cock a doodle doo (or -importantly- not!) and run around the table in clockwise order pushing people out of the way.

Gone Bananas, where the only thing matters is to get a banana. Don't worry no bananas were harmed during the playing of this game. The official name is "Spoons", but we like to play with bananas. We also played more serious games such as Gismos with its lovely tower that despatches marbles in 4 colours, Terra Mystica, Outpost (another classic for you - where Sami won by lightyears), Russian Railroads (American board with the dynamite and shares as well as the DSP expansion) were Adam managed to score some 150 points in the BOTH the last 2 rounds but somehow managed to not win. And another classic, El Grande - a great majority game in which you think you have control about what is about to happen, but you don't really.

Once again a great day with our lovely hosts. We should put more effort into visiting Sami and Sharon more regularly.

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