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A column of fire - is the game broken?

A column of fire has been brought to the table a few times in the past few months, but I have only played it with 3 so far. This time we where 4 and one of us hired a 2VP card in the first and the second round, basically scoring some 22-24 points. With the winning score at some 55-60 points, it seems excessive to score nearly half of that with only 2 dice (which admittedly are tied up for the rest of the game). But with a game so finely balanced (the 2 times we played before there was only a 2 or 3 point difference between first and last player) it seem sit is broken? I did not find anyone on the BGG commenting on this, but I think it is very much a 3 player game....

Also played: Alhambra, the good old classic, without any expansions. We seemed to score the A round only 5 minutes into the game, with all of us having less then 10 points - and having virtually no walls at that time all our scores were low as well, I think the winner had under 100 points....

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