Charity Raffle


We thought it would be fun and a nice offering to have a monthly raffle which will be shown via the newsletter. We will be giving 20% of the raffle profits to a chosen charity from various charities. We will ask or subscribers to give us charities they would like us to donate to.

How the Raffle works?:  Once a month we will add 3 board games to newsletter. These board games will be different styles and skill levels, so you can chose the one or all three you would like to enter to win in the raffle. The raffle fee will also include P&P, so we will pay for this. The closing date for the monthly raffle will be the last day of the month. Then we will contact the winners and post them out the games. We will announce the winners first name only and town in the next newsletter. The raffle 

How to Enter the Raffle: 

1: Keep an eye out for the monthly newsletter.

2: Click on the raffle page......

3: A website or Facebook link.

4: Contact name and email address for the club (maybe set up a gmail email if no email set up already).

5: Send an email to with the info below copied, pasted and then filled out:

Entry Conditions: This raffle is open to those in the UK due to Postage cost

Cost: ( Is there a cost for entrance or asked to bring nibbles etc )

Summary:  ( A bit about the games you play and any helpful info )

November 2021 Raffle


This month we have chosen the WOMBLE charity to donate the 20% of profits to. We would like to thank you all in advance for entering and helping out.


Issue 21 10/21

Raffle Closes... Midnight 30th December 2021

Automania a fun car game..blaa blah

£1Entry for Automania Nov21
Oltre Mare- Merchants of Venice.jpeg

Issue20 08/21

Raffle Closes... Midnight 30th December 2021

Oltre Mare: Merchants of Venice

The 3 Commandments.webp

Issue19 03/21

Raffle Closes... Midnight 30th December 2021

The 3 Commandments