Do you think of Monopoly, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders when Board Games are mentioned?



... Well oh how things have changed!


Board games have come along a lot since Monopoly and Ludo. Over the past 20-30 years thousands and thousands of different games have been released. Rolling a dice and move your dobber along is a thing from the past. In modern games you CHOOSE what to do. You may choose from different actions you can do in your turn (pick up cards, play card(s), trade, sell, and yes maybe even roll a die or two). Your move should put you in a better position for your NEXT move, by either gathering cards or playing cards in previous turns you "build" a farm, a network, an empire, a house or something completely different. You might even decide to slay a dragon, launch a rocket or open the door to the cellar..... to infinity and beyond!

If you are an experienced gamer and the above isn't new for you, feel free to ask us if we have a particular game in stock. If you are less experienced or a newby, we are more than happy to recommend a game for you, based on your interests, your experience, number of players you prefer to play with or who you are giving the game to. Either way experienced or not, we highly recommend going to Games Club sessions and explore the world of board games and find which games are your cup of tea!



Moving Dobbers & Placing Cards


Station to Station train building


Ticket to Ride


Ticket to Ride is a nice game to use as an introduction to the modern board games

One of the most popular modern board games is Ticket to Ride (TTR). In this game you collect train cards of different types/colours which you then use to build connections between cities on a map. Longer connections give you more points than short connections, which are in turn easier to build. By linking up connections you can complete "tickets" which gives you points. Of course your fellow players are trying to do similar things, so you could end up losing the race to complete your direct route connection and then having to go a different route instead. Ticket to Ride has many different boards (with different maps) and some maps have their own rules, and introduce passengers, ferries, harbours or tunnels through the mountains.









mission red planet.jpg


Mission Red Planet

Another popular game is Splendor in which you collect gemstones which are used to acquire developments which will grant you bonuses and may increase your prestige. You may receive a visit from a noble contributing to your prestige and, yes, prestige determines the winner of the game. In PowerGrid you auction powerplants, buy fuel, build cities and then get income from all this. With your improved income you can buy better powerplants, more fuel and build more houses thus increasing your income even more. But other players buy fuel as well, thus increasing the price for you and suddenly you find yourself not having enough money to build the houses you thought you were going to build because other players have built in "your" cheaper places..... how rude! In Suburbia all players build their own cities and your airport gives you income for other players airports, your slaughterhouse gives you income for other players restaurants and so on. In steampunk themed Mission Red Planet you send your astronauts to Mars trying to get majorities in different mining areas. But your pilot may steer the spaceship somewhere else, your secret agent may launch a rocket ahead of schedule, and who knows what will happen if other players play their saboteur.