Games Catalogues

Mad Hatter Board Games sell Board Games using the Catalogue, which is send out to interested parties on a regular basis. The vast majority of our stock is Second hand, and for this reason we have defined the Quality in which our games exist / are sold. These are listed in the table underneath.

We have many different games, but of most games we have very little stock. If you want to buy a game please contact us as soon as possible, so we can set the game aside for you. We can then also establish if the game is the exact version that you want. In case we are shipping the game(s) to you we will establish the P&P cost before you settle your payment.

What is in the catalogues? Every month we will be adding a games catalogue of our current stock. By clicking on the image of the catalogue you will be able to see what is available, a description of the game, condition and price. Some games have not got prices yet and marked with POA, so please ask if you are interested.

Something you would like, but do not see? Every Browsing the catalogues shows a few of the games we have in stock, however we have 1000's more which we have not added to the catolgues. So if you have a certain game you are looking for, please do ask us as there is a good chance we have it in stock.

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Watch this space!

Catalogue TBA

Issue26 05/22

Issued... 29th April 2022

Play games and  make the right decision for you and your party... Win the elections!


Issue25 04/22

Issued... 5th April 2022

Puzzle Games...

Games to drive the mind mad!


Issue24 03/22

Updated... 5th April 2022

TV & Film based games. Games worth viewing!


Issue23 02/22

Updated... 5th April 2022

Games with a relation to Italy... just about!

River Dragons.jpeg

Issue22 11/21

Updated... 9th February 2022

Abstract games...part 2 (M-Z).

abstract board game.webp

Issue 21 10/21

Updated... 9th February 2022

A-L of Abstract Games to boggle the mind!


Issue20 08/21

Updated... 9th February 2022

A catalogue dedicated to the great German game designer Friedemann Friese.

Amazing Labyrinth.jpg

Issue19 03/21

Updated... 5th April 2022

Tile laying games...part 2 (L-Z).

Pick up tiles, place them down...easy!


Issue18 02/21

Updated... 9th February 2022

Tile laying games...part 1 (A-K).

Pick up tiles, place them down...easy!

Rabbit Rummage.jpg

Issue17 01/21

updated 19th January 2021

Toby is local to Cambridge and has designed and produced a few simple lovely small games.

Reiner Knizia.jpg

Issue16 12/20

Updated... 5th April 2022

A catalogue purely filled with games designed by Reiner Knizia

stockings on fireplace.jpg

Issue15 11/20

Updated... 23rd August 2021

Stocking Fillers, small enough to fit down your chimney!


Issue14 09/20

Updated... 23rd August 2021

Sports Games... Gold is the aim, but participating is fine!


Issue13 07/20

Updated... 18th January 2022

Board games  for you and one other. The Best of Two?

old wild west.jpg

Issue12 05/20

updated 1st January 2021

Saddle your horse and ride into the Wild West!


Issue11 04/20

Updated... 18th January 2022

Get involved in the railway revolution! 


Issue10 01/20

Updated... 18th January 2022

InvadeBuild, Explore and find your place in History. A time machine on your table!


Issue09 12/19

Updated... 23rd August 2021

New In Shrink Board Games. These will make a wonderful Christmas present for Friends & Family


Issue08 10/19

updated 1st January 2021

Games set in Space, fighting aliens, transforming planets...can you survive?

London first edition.jpg

Issue07 08/19

Updated... 5th April 2022

Countries, cities and towns from around the world. Explore deserts and climb mountains

bird on a wire.jpg

Issue06  07/19

Updated... 18th January 2022

Lots of fun board games with animals, either by theme or as the mechanics of the game


Issue05 06/19

Updated... 17th February 2021

The base set and various expansions from the Dominion series... a lot still in their shrink


Issue04 06/19

Updated... 23rd August 2021

Must Have Games  May 2019:

Including, Ticket to Ride, Take it Easy, Claim It!.. and more


Issue03 05/19

Issued 28th May 2019

Magazine Edition May 2019:

Spielbox, Counter, Sumo & Games Quartely.


Issue02  05/19

Issued 24th May 2019

Munchkin Edition May 2019:

Board games from the Munchkin series.

prince of florence.jpg

Issue01  05/19

Updated... 23rd August 2021

Edition May 2019:

Games such as The Princes of Florence...

Condition Types

New/In shrink

The game is unused and the packaging is still around it. It doesn't get better than this. (Some card games / booster packs etc come in foil bags or maybe other types of packaging so that's why we sometimes say something other than " in shrink".)


The shrink has been removed; contents may be punched or un-punched. The box and game components are in great condition. Virtually unused, there may be a few small scratches or other signs that the game has been played before.


The shrink has been removed, the components have been un-punched, the game has obviously been played, cards and other components may look used, but the game is perfectly playable in this condition. A game produced decades ago whose box and/or contents are obviously worn could still get this qualification.


The box probably looks a bit scruffy, the essential parts of the game are there, cards probably look used, some bits may be missing and have been replaced with non-original items. The game is therefore playable, but may well look like your own copy of powergrid (which you have played a hundred odd times and took on holiday with you to Turkey where it got dented in the hotel lobby).

Payment & Terms of Conditions

Requests/ Wants List

We have access to thousands of different boardgames, old and new, mostly second hand.

Send us your wants lists and we will let you know which game(s) we can supply to you.



We use BoardGameGeek (BGG) to verify which version of games we sell. This isn’t always easy, given the number of Catan / Carcassonne / Bluff variants exist internationally. If you spot an error in our catalogue or website please let us know. We use our own system (not the BGG system) to classify the condition of the games.



If you are after a particular version of a game- please let us know. We are happy to clarify which particular version of Catan / Carcassonne / Bluff etc we are actually offering in the catalogue or on our website.


Catalogue Prices are in sterling (GBP, £).

Prices are to be paid up front.

We accept payment in cash, by cheque or bank transfer

Santander UK, Sort code: 09-01-29, Account nr: 38644717



Postage and packing is not included but can be arranged on request. We use the post office around the corner and ship 2nd class. Other methods/carriers on request.

P&P is to be paid up front.

We try and reuse packaging over and over again, so if the packaging looks dodgy - that'll be why. (Re-use, re-cycle!)

Returns Policy

Before you pay we will check with you which actual version of the game you are buying. This could for example be by means of a few words, a picture, or an internet link. Games will be checked for completeness before we ship. When the game(s) arrive and something is not in line with your expectation please contact us as soon as possible and we will sort it out to the best of our abilities.