Mad Hatter Board Games likes to help to build a community of board gamers and as we grow we would like to help to keep you connected to your local clubs and groups. 

Add your Club or Group for Free:  If you would like to add your club and spread the word, then we need the following:

Requirements needed: 

1: The address of the venue with postcode.

2: A photo to represent the club to show up when clicking on your icon.

3: A website or Facebook link.

4: Contact name and email address for the club (maybe set up a gmail email if no email set up already).

5: Send an email to with the info below copied, pasted and then filled out:

When: ( when you meet and how frequently)

Cost: ( Is there a cost for entrance or asked to bring nibbles etc )

Summary:  ( A bit about the games you play and any helpful info )